vRealize Automation 7.1.0 released (and vRB 7.1 too)

Didn’t even notice, but my colleague @railroadmanuk just told me that vRA 7.1 has just been released 😀 vRealize Automation 7.1 Download vRealize Automation 7.1 Release Notes vRealize Business for Cloud has also been upgraded to 7.1 it seems. vRealize Business for Cloud 7.1 Download vRealize Business for Cloud 7.1 Release Notes Go downloading people !


vRealize Automation 7 – Remove Stuck Approvals

In a previous post I mentioned the risk the locking yourself out of an Approval. After almost 5 weeks on a call with VMware Support – I finally got a solution – so hopefully this will help others as well. Article Link: vRA7 – Remove Stuck Approval Process


vRealize Automation 7 – Unable to change IaaS certificate – Certificate with ‘THUMBPRINT’ not found in store.

So I was initially impressed how easy it is to replace SSL certificates in vRA 7 – you can pretty much do everything via the VAMI so no more command line stuff – trying to re-create the trusts and so on. Just click and go .. having said that – I haven’t needed to do this yet – this was the first time I tried it (in 7.x anyway) … and failed 😮 . The CAFE cert was replaced without any issues – so I went ahead and replaced the IaaS certificates and hit a snag: The error: This is...


VCP6-NV Exam Experience .. Bloody Hell ..

.. And hell it was .. Here the official bits first though – Exam Number: 2V0-641 Questions: 85 Minutes: 100 My experience .. I must say – to the day I have sit and passed 8 different VCPs and I think this is the first VCP which I JUST about passed (low 300s) and actually almost used all the time. Whether an exam is hard or easy, obviously depends a lot on your experience. For instance, my current work is mainly around vRealize Automation and I have been working with vCloud Director since version 1.0 .. I didn’t even have to...


Approval Policies – Don’t lock yourself out of a request

I had an interesting issue with vRealize Automation 7.0.1 – I am not sure that is a feature or a bug, but imagine the following scenario. You just about to setup a new vRA environment and want certain approval policies. You have already created a user group in Active Directory for admin purposes so you add that to the approvers. Then you fire up a Blueprint, which of course (based on the conditions) ends up in the inbox of the approver .. So you click it No ‘Reject’ or ‘Approve’ button. Then you remember that you forgot to put users into...


vRealize Automation 7 – Select Hostname, IP and VLAN during deployment

After answering a couple of questions here and online, I decided to write an article about it. In the following article I show how you can select a custom hostname during the deployment, which overwrites the prefix (it is still mandatory for the configuration of a Business Group) – a VLAN – which is really a selection of Port groups backed by a VLAN – but you know what I mean – and also IP addresses. I will got through a few gotchas when doing so as well. Article Link: vRA7 – Select Hostname, IP and VLAN during deployment


How much does it REALLY cost to run your own lab ?

Let’s face it – it is easy to ignore the running costs – ignorance is bliss and all that. But I thought I’ll find out anyway. The costs are obviously split into different sections (assuming you do run your own server in the loft / garage). Hardware Costs (initial and spares) Electricity If someone asks me – how much is a lab? .. Then the answer is likely – how long is a string? It obviously depends. Some people buy new kit, some refurbished on eBay or other sites, some get sponsored. You can see by the lack of banners,...


vCloud Director for Service Providers 8.x : Error 503

I setup a new lab for vCD for SP and once the first cell was installed and started, I received the following error when trying to access the initial setup page : I initially blamed my certificates as I am using my own Windows CA signed ones, but as it turns out, it was easier than that. In my case the problem was 2-Fold. The first problem was related to my host file. My Linux servers were cloned form a template and therefore had the same name as the virtual machine. In my case VCD-01 VCD-02 The hostnames were therefore...


NSX 6.3.2 License change requires NSX Manager restart

This was a bit puzzling, but it seems that as of NSX 6.2.3 – you need to restart the NSX Manager Service in order to apply a new license. Out of the box – NSX now comes with a free license to accommodate vCNS Endpoint customers called “NSX for vShield Endpoint (CPUs)”. Which is great – but if you have a full NSX license – you obviously want to change that. I just created a brand new environment with nothing but vCenter, a couple of hosts and of course, NSX. When I tried to change the key from Endpoint to Enterprise,...